Understanding Root Rot Treatment for Trees in Milton, GA

The roots are the most essential part of your tree, by far. Root rot happens when your roots have too much of a good thing: water. If you want to learn more about root rot treatment for trees, consider the following article by Georgia Tree Company, the provider of the ultimate tree services in Milton, GA

root rot treatment for trees

What Causes Root Rot?

Root rot is a tree condition commonly caused by wet soil. While a tree (and the roots that support them) can normally handle wet soil, excessively waterlogged soil can be detrimental to the roots instead of helpful. Wetness causes the roots to rot or, in a worst-case scenario, mold and decay.

While more like a side effect, another cause of root rot is fungi. Because root rot starts with continuously wet soil, fungi can easily sprout and reproduce, thriving in moist conditions and using dying trees as shelter to grow. 

What Are Root Rot Symptoms?

While diagnosis can be challenging for the untrained eye, the other symptoms you may notice about your root rot tree include:

  • Black or brown coloration: If your tree is dark or blackening, this may be a sign of the bark starting to decay.
  • Mushroom growth: Heavy fungi growth can populate the base of your tree as a side effect of root rot.
  • Dying branches: If the tree canopy is thinning, or branches are excessively falling or drooping, your tree may have root rot.

Unfortunately, while recognizing these signs is important for you as a homeowner, they may not be conclusive. Many of these symptoms are also signs of infection from tree diseases or signs of insect infestation. If you want a conclusive diagnosis, consider reaching out to a professional tree expert at Georgia Tree Company.

How Can You Prevent Root Rot?

Root rot is one of the most fatalistic conditions you can encounter with a tree species. While insect infection and tree diseases can have treatments, the only root rot treatment for trees is to remove the infected trees and their root systems. 

Prevention is your best defense against root rot destroying your trees. To avoid root rot, keep the soil relatively dry, avoiding excessive soil clumping or standing water around the base of the tree to improve soil drainage. If your tree has an infection, be sure to treat the issue instead of ignoring it, so that your roots can remain strong. 

Learn More With Your Local Tree Experts

Root rot can be a serious problem. Tackle it with help from the professionals. Now that you know about root rot treatment for trees, why not reach out to the experts at Georgia Tree Company? We can provide you with prevention techniques, assist with a range of additional tree services, and provide answers to all of your questions, such as, “Where do trees get nutrients?”

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