Where Do Trees Get Their Nutrients In Milton, GA?

Where do trees get their nutrients? Is it from the soil, the sun, the air, the water, or all of the above? If you’ve been interested in tree care for a while, tree nutrient absorption is important to understanding tree health. If you want to know more about what makes a tree healthy, consider reading the post below from the premier tree service in Milton, GA.

where do trees get their nutrients

How Trees Obtain Nutrients

Nutrient uptake in trees is governed by carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air, fuel from the sun, and water from the roots in the dirt. The process of photosynthesis allows the tree to make starch, transporting water to the leaves and sugar to the rest of the tree. Roots, branches, leaves, and even the bark all work together to preserve the tree, gather water, and perform photosynthesis to grow continuously. Because roots are just as necessary for growth as branches and leaves, a tree tends to grow equally — as much underground as above ground. 

When asked, “Where do trees get their nutrients?” we might give four possible answers: air, soil, sun, and water. The truth is that none of these things by themselves are the source of tree nutrients. The tree nutrient supply comes from a combination of all four working with the tree’s biology to produce food through photosynthesis. Trees need three nutrients to thrive: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Photosynthesis and transport processes in the tree’s structure provide these nutrients and other essential functions where the tree needs them the most. Without proper coverage from roots, branches, and leaves, a tree cannot thrive, no matter where it happens to be.

Roots and Tree Nutrition

Roots are critical components of tree nutrition and health. Just like branches and leaves, roots are responsible for gathering essential water and nutrients for photosynthesis. Without enough space for roots, trees can become unable to transport water properly. Humans can unintentionally stunt a tree’s growth by planting them in restrictive areas where roots have no room to grow.

Restricting roots is bad for tree growth, which is why only experts should practice root removal and transplanting. Having trees present in urban and populated areas can help everyone, but only if people plant them with care and keep them healthy. Trees provide oxygen, shade, and greenery that can boost the physical and mental health of humans with their mere presence. Treating them right is one way to help ourselves while benefitting the planet, making it a win-win for all. 

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