The Dangers of an Overgrown Tree in Milton, GA

You do what you can to help your trees grow, but what happens if they grow too much? Is an overgrown tree a problem?

An overgrown tree can actually cause a lot of problems for your property. As a superior tree service specialist in Milton, GA, we can help you learn more about the dangers of overgrown trees and what you can do to keep your property safe.

How Can an Overgrown Tree Put Your Property at Risk?

Planting trees around your property is a great way to increase shade and embrace the beauty of nature. But trees that are overgrown can put your property at risk of a lot of different dangers, especially with bad weather. 

Falling Branches Could Damage Your Property

Perhaps the biggest risk of a tree that’s grown too large is damage to your property. Overgrown branches can scratch your windows, while the extreme size of the tree makes it more likely to topple over with high winds. This poses a danger to you and your neighbors as well if the tree is close enough to their property.

You Could Collide With Low-Hanging Branches

Low-hanging branches can be an unwelcome surprise to anyone who walks on your property. They can be especially dangerous when bad weather rolls around, bringing strong winds with it. 

Strong Winds Could Knock the Tree Over

Overgrown trees are more likely to topple over during wind storms. Depending on where it falls, it could cause signficant damage to your driveway, vehicles, home, fence, or neighbor’s property. 

Pests Could Find Better Hiding Spots

Pests like insects, squirrels, rats, and snakes love hiding in trees. Bigger trees can hide more of these unwanted critters and even make it easier for them to find their way into your home. 

Animals aren’t the only unwanted visitors that can use trees to hide. Burglars can also use larger trees as a way to sneak onto your property without your permission or knowledge. 

What Can You Do About an Overgrown Tree?

So, what can you do about an overgrown tree on your property? The best solution is to contact a professional arborist about overgrown tree trimming. 

Professionals know how to manage overgrown trees with proper pruning techniques that strategically cut and remove certain branches. In some cases, an arborist may suggest the safe removal of large trees, especially if they’re too tall and pose a risk of falling over. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of trimming vs. removing overgrown trees.

Keep Your Property Safe With Georgia Tree Company

Our Georgia Tree Company team understands the potential dangers of overgrown trees better than anyone. That’s why we offer tree crown reduction service and other tree care services to help keep your property safe and trees healthy. 

When is the best time to prune overgrown trees? Where do trees get nutrients from? Let us answer all your questions. 

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