Why Do Trees Shed Their Bark in Milton, GA?

A thick bark often indicates that your tree is healthy. So, you should be worried if you notice your tree shedding its bark, but why do trees shed their bark?

Bark shedding can be part of the tree’s natural growth process. Most times, however, it indicates a response to unfavorable environmental conditions, disease, or pest infestation. 

In this blog post, Milton’s tree service company delves deeper into why mature and young trees shed their bark.  

Three Top Reasons Your Tree Is Losing Its Bark

You’ll often notice your tree bark falling off in these three situations:

    1. After a frost: A sudden temperature change can make your tree shed its bark and crack under stress. The bark usually falls off on your tree’s south or southwest side.
    2. After too much heat: Excessive heat can strip your tree’s bark down and leave bare wood.
    3. Poor health: In such situations, your tree may exhibit other stress symptoms like cankers and dead leaves in addition to bark shredding. 

If you see a healthy bark beneath the peeling layers, your tree is healthy. Healthy trees often heal the damage naturally, no matter the amount of bark they lose. However, if the tree looks unhealthy, you should be worried. 

What To Do About Your Tree Bark Falling Off

Why do trees shed their bark? Now that you understand why this happens, it pays to know what to do in such cases to prevent further damage to your tree.

If your tree is shedding its bark without showing any other worrying symptoms, it could be due to weather stress. Ensure the tree gets sufficient water if the soil is dry, and apply organic mulch during the spring and fall. 

Does the tree look unhealthy? If so, inspect it closely. Various pests and diseases can attack your maple, pine, ash, or oak tree. 

If you notice any signs of pest disease, talk to a certified arborist to examine it. The arborist will advise you on whether you can treat the issue or you’ll need to remove the tree to protect other plants on your property. 

Trees That Shed Their Bark Seasonally

Bark loss doesn’t always mean that your tree has a problem. Some trees do this as part of their normal growing process. As the tree matures, the bark becomes thicker and eventually falls off. 

If you have any of these trees on your property, you don’t need to worry when you notice their bark falling off – it’s often a seasonal occurrence: 

    • Sycamore tree
    • Birch tree
    • Pine trees
    • Redbud tree
    • Silver maple tree
    • Hickory trees

You may not notice the bark shedding in most trees as it happens fast. However, the process is gradual in some trees, and you can see it happening!  

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