How To Bring a Tree Back to Life: Is It Possible?

Few things elevate a property’s curbside appeal more than beautiful trees. However, trees often experience damage and disease that can cause them to die prematurely. Most Milton homeowners want to preserve their trees and restore their health before they meet an untimely death.

To help you prevent your trees from dying prematurely, Georgia Tree Company created this post to explain how to bring a tree back to life and promote regrowth.

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how to bring a tree back to life

Signs of a Dying Tree

Identifying and treating dying trees early is key to preventing premature death. Most trees display warning signs when their health takes a turn for the worse, allowing you to take swift action to resolve the issue and nurse the tree back to health. Continue reading for a few signs that your tree is dying:

  • Dead branches
  • Dried up wood
  • Leaves turn brown
  • A weak root system
  • Barren limbs
  • Significant structural damage

Three Tips for Reviving a Dying Tree

Once you identify a dying tree, you can incorporate a few treatments to restore its health and breathtaking appearance. However, you must act quickly since the tree’s health can worsen incredibly fast. Waiting too long can put your property at risk and require you to hire tree removal services before it falls.

Use the following tips to learn how to bring a tree back to life:

1. Prune 30% of the Tree’s Foliage

Removing 30% of the tree’s foliage allows the tree to direct more water and nutrients to healthy limbs and promote new growth. This enhances recovery since roots won’t have to distribute nutrients to as many limbs, allowing the tree to heal faster and more efficiently. However, never remove more than 30% of the tree’s canopy since it can overly stress the tree and have the opposite effect.

2. Increase or Decrease Your Watering Frequency

Improper watering is one of the leading causes of tree death. Overwatering can flood the tree’s root system, causing it to rot and kill the tree. Conversely, underwatering restricts the tree’s nutrient and water intake, killing it over time. 

Altering your tree’s watering frequency to better suit its needs will prevent root rot and water deficiencies. You can assess the soil’s moisture levels before watering or ask a certified arborist to examine your tree and determine an optimal watering frequency.

3. Fertilizing

Like water, trees need nutrients to stay healthy and develop beautiful limbs and leaves. Adding a high-quality fertilizer to the soil will enhance its nutrient levels and help the tree recover from disease, damage, and more, including implementing webworms treatment if necessary.

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