Understanding the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

It pays to hire ISA-certified arborists to care for your trees. This is especially important if you have issues that need professional attention. Be sure the arborist you choose has a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). 

If you’re wondering, “What is TRAQ?”, a trusted provider of professional tree service in Milton can help you understand. Keep reading for more information. 

What Is Tree Risk Assessment Qualification?

TRAQ is a qualification program that trains tree care specialists on how to apply the methodologies spelled out in the ISA Best Management Practices for Tree Risk Assessment. This training provides a standardized and methodical process for evaluating tree risk. 

That way, it plays an integral role in upholding the safety of individuals and property. To obtain a TRAQ, you need to take a two-day educational course. Then, you’ll undergo a half-day assessment comprising a written and field component.

You can’t receive this qualification without attending the course and successfully completing the assessment!

Once you have your TRAQ as an arborist, you’ll:

  • Be proficient in limited visual and fundamental tree risk evaluation techniques, as outlined in ISA Best Management Practices: Tree Risk Assessment
  • Understand the basics of advanced diagnostic methods for tree health assessment. 
  • Gather and analyze the data needed to assess tree risk
  • Make informed decisions and suggestions for mitigating the identified risk

Four Top Benefits of Hiring an Arborist With a TRAQ

All arborists can handle risk assessment, client communication, and treatment application. However, a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification certifies an arborist to do all these at the highest level. Below are just a few advantages of working with a TRAQ arborist:

1. They Inspire Confidence

Any arborist can probably tell whether a tree is hazardous or not. However, a TRAQ arborist will tell you with more assurance whether you’re dealing with a mild or severe threat. You’ll be more at peace if they state there’s a very low likelihood of failure than if an unqualified arborist is fairly certain of a low risk.  

2. You Get Accurate Treatments

An arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification may be able to recommend a treatment to lower the risk without bringing the entire tree down. They may suggest solutions like fungal treatment or pruning. This will save you money and the headache of losing a tree. 

3. TRAQ Arborists Are Easy To Understand

A TRAQ arborist won’t confuse you with jargon. They know how to explain issues in terms the average person can understand. 

4. Legal Protection 

TRAQ arborists use the same language as lawyers and insurance companies in the written report. This can be beneficial to you in the event the tree causes damage that leads to an insurance or legal dispute. 

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