3 Benefits of Hiring a Google Guaranteed Contractor for Your Tree Services

google guaranteed contractor

How do you know your tree service contractor is trustworthy enough to offer competent tree trimming in Alpharetta, GA? Take a quick look at the Google Guaranteed Contractor Program. 

In this post, Georgia Tree Company explores how recognized contractors can make tree care easier.

What is a Google Guarantee on a Tree Contractor?

This particular program lists highly skilled and vetted tree professionals that Google’s extensive network recognizes for a certain standard of excellence. What does this mean to you as a customer? You won’t have to worry about an incompetent or uncertified contractor caring for your trees.

The Google Guarantee applies to a group of businesses offering the highest standards of service, safety, and performance. They are 100% vetted by Google to provide potential customers with products or services. The status also means that the contractor will be suitably licensed, insured, and bonded. 

3 Benefits of Google Guaranteed Tree Services

Approved businesses can display a badge on their website. Their Google Local Service Ads will also appear near the top of Google’s search results. Below, we list three benefits of using a local contractor that carries this badge.

Guaranteed Licensed and Insured Service Providers

What’s the difference between hiring a Google Guaranteed Contractor and someone else? The decision could save your trees and safeguard your wallet.

A Google Guarantee generally means that the contractor carries a license and insurance to operate in the state. When they’re working on your trees and property, they have the right paperwork to do so. So, if there is ever an accident or injury on your property, the contractor’s policy should cover it.

Background Checked Personnel

The second benefit is the confidence that your property, family, and pets will be safe around the people you hire. Tree services require qualified, reliable, and certified professionals with background checks to prove it. For example, when you hire a contractor with a Google Guarantee, you can be sure the people working on your property have no violent crimes on record. 

Verified Business Status

A Google Guarantee verifies a contractor as a legitimate business or business owner. You know you are hiring a business vetted to work legally in your area without shady deals or rogue contractors hiding behind the name of a company. Hiring a certified contractor ensures they bring the equipment and experience to handle any tree service job, big or small. 

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