Does Atlanta Have Palm Trees?

Does Atlanta have palm trees? While Atlanta, GA, experiences some cold winters that will damage some palms, many species thrive in Atlanta’s climate. The Georgia Tree Company team explains what you need to know before choosing palms for your property.

Alpharetta’s professional tree service provides information on which palms survive North Georgia’s winter weather and how to protect them. Keep reading to learn more!

Which Types of Palm Trees to Avoid 

Not every species can survive the winters, and choosing the right types of palm trees will reduce costs and create thriving and beautiful landscaping. For optimal results, avoid the following list of palm species:

  • Washingtonian
  • Medjool
  • Sylvester
  • King Sago

These beautiful trees cannot withstand the cold temperatures of an Atlanta winter. For optimal results, it’s essential to research a specific variety before purchasing and learn what it needs to thrive. Researching beforehand allows you to take any necessary precautions and prepares you for any gardening practices you need to implement.

Cold-Hardy Palms 

Many cold-hardy palms are native to Georgia and comfortably withstand the winter weather. Does Atlanta have palm trees? Yes! In the following, we provide some outstanding specimens for you.

Sabal Palm

The sabal palm can survive winters as low as 15 degrees and short periods of colder temperatures. This native species looks beautiful and provides fan-shaped fronds. The palm tree reaches up to 80 feet tall, offering variety and interest to a property.

Green Saw Palmetto

Another native species, the green saw palmetto withstands 10-degree winters and dips as low as zero. This plant provides low-growing, lovely green fronds and proves exceptionally durable.

Needle Palm

Needle palms withstand -5 degree winters and provide year-round silver and green foliage that pops against snow or soil. The multi-trunked species offers a unique and gorgeous addition to any Atlanta property.

Dwarf Palmetto

Dwarf palmettos provide a rich green splash of color and survive as low as -5 degrees. This long-lasting plant thrives in Atlanta’s climate and handles the winter weather well.

Protecting Your Palms Against Cold Temperatures 

While Atlanta winters typically stay around 30 degrees at their lowest, cold fronts and random inclement weather happen. For your plants’ health, prepare your property for the coming winter with a few steps. Even these hardy plants require some care during the coldest months to prevent unnecessary exposure.

To keep your plants in peak health, follow these tips:

  • Insulate the roots with a thick layer of mulch
  • Water the day before the cold weather hits
  • Cover the fronds and trunk with blankets and tarps
  • String lights around the plant to provide warmth
  • Wait to prune until winter ends

These precautions will prevent accidental deaths and help you maintain your palm trees for years.

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Does Atlanta have palm trees? Now you know that you can safely select certain palm species to enhance your property and create a sunny, beach vacation feel to your property. For more information, contact our Google-guaranteed contractor.

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