Removing Large Trees: How Pros Safely Do It

Removing large trees is a chore best left to a tree service company. Why? In this post, Georgia Tree Company, Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal, explains how the pros remove dead trees safely. If you can replicate these steps, you can remove a diseased tree. If not, call the experts.

Stay Safe

The first task is to remove anything that dead branches may fall on. Pros will cordon off the area extending from the trunk to the edge of the canopy of a healthy tree. They will also suggest keeping pets and children inside.

They then don safety glasses, ear plugs, a hard hat, dust mask, and gloves. They will usually wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts to protect against abrasion.

Remove Branches

The next step in removing large trees is to cut off the branches. Pros work systematically from a cherry picker platform to cut the branches off in manageable chunks. They will work symmetrically to prevent the tree from overbalancing.

Experts remove the branches before they tackle the trunk. They will use a chainsaw to carefully remove the wood, starting with the smallest branches and working their way up to the biggest ones. They secure the section they will cut next so they can lower it to the ground.

Removing the branches first seems like extra work, but it reduces the impact the trunk has when it falls. For branches out of the reach of the cherry picker, specialists use pruning poles.

Removing the Trunk

When the branches are gone, we measure how high the trunk is. We then check how much space there is between the trunk and the structures on the property. If there is a chance that the trunk may damage a structure when it falls, we cut the top of the trunk down so that it is shorter.

When we are certain the tree won’t damage anything if it falls, we wedge cut the tree on the side we want it to fall toward. Then we make a hinge cut behind the wedge so that the tree falls.

Getting Rid of the Wood

You may decide to keep the lumber or ask a tree service company to remove it for you. If you plan to keep it, we recommend cutting the trunk into smaller pieces. You may then set it aside to season for use as firewood later or use it as you see fit.

Dealing with the Stump

While felling a tree is hard work, it is dealing with the stump that is most difficult. In an ideal world, you would dig out the roots. However, this is difficult and leaves a large space. Most people choose to grind the stump down instead.

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