What is Considered Hazardous Tree Removal: How Pros Can Help

hazardous tree removal

Whether on residential or commercial property, healthy, thriving trees provide beautiful greenery, environmental infrastructure, and so much more. However, when trees become damaged or diseased, they may do more harm than good. 

At Georgia Tree Company, we provide dedicated tree services, including hazardous tree removal. In this blog, we talk about what makes a tree hazardous, as well as how professional tree services like ours can help. 

If you need an emergency tree removal company in Alpharetta or surrounding areas, skip the wait and call Georgia Tree Company today. 

What Makes a Tree Hazardous

Many factors can turn an otherwise healthy, beautiful tree into an accident or damage waiting to happen. Take a look at some of the reasons below to be on the lookout for high-risk trees on your property. ready to contact hazardous tree removal as needed. 

Damaged or Broken Limbs

Heavy limbs bend and sway during storms and high wind, creating more tension and stress at the joints. Too much stress results in cracking of the bark and wood, which can lead to broken or falling limbs. 

Split limbs also invite disease and bacteria to take hold in the tree, weakening it from the ground up. 

Dead Limbs

Sometimes, disease and other factors deaden a limb while it remains attached to the tree. These heavy branches may fall at any time, posing serious risks to you, your visitors, and your property. 

To an untrained eye, dead limbs may appear to still be healthy. However, the best method of gauging the health of your trees and branches involves regular inspections and upkeep from your local tree professionals. 

Diseases or  Changes in the Bark

Warping, discoloration, peeling, and other tree bark issues may signify big problems with your trees. In addition, bacterial infections, invasive insects, and other environmental threats can damage and weaken bark, exposing the tree’s vital systems to weakness and disease. 

If you notice changes in the bark of trees on your property, contact a tree expert for a diagnostic inspection as soon as possible. 

Significant Damage

Some trees recover from extreme storm damage such as lightning strikes or trunk splitting. However, conditions must be suitable for tree salvaging to be successful. 

Tree trimming presents a number of risks for the untrained. Avoid DIY tree trimming and save yourself time, frustration, and risk. To prevent damaged trees on your property from becoming a hazard, tree services have the expertise you need. 

How Professional Tree Removal Services Can Help 

Sometimes, hazardous trees can be easy to spot. However, rot beneath the ground or deep inside the tree trunk may not be visible to the naked eye in other situations. In these cases, it takes trained experts to spot all the warning signs of imminent tree hazards. 

At Georgia Tree Company, we offer a comprehensive lineup of professional tree services, including hazardous tree removal. If you’d like to know more about our dead tree removal services, tree falls, and other tree-related information, give our GTC team a call at 404-990-0010 today.


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