Emergency Tree Care: 8 Signs You Need to Call For Help

Do you need emergency tree care? You may not think of calling these types of services if your trees look secure. However, you never know when unpredictable weather might have you scrambling for an operation like Georgia Tree Company, Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal service with highly experienced tree care professionals.

Below, we go over some notable signs that you should summon emergency assistance for a tree. A quick response to these issues could save your trees.

Tree Disease

Many people only consider hazardous trees as ones that are about to topple over. However, unless the issue is major storm damage, it could take time for a dangerous situation to develop. For instance, tree disease takes a while to manifest, so it is wise to inspect your trees regularly for the following signs:

  • Strange growing patterns
  • Fungus or other unusual organic growth on the bark, branches, or leaves
  • Spotted or yellowing leaves
  • Wilting
  • Powdery residue

The first step should be to call a professional like Georgia Tree Company to inspect your trees immediately. Treat this as an emergency situation because the disease can spread easily. 

Overhanging Branches

As trees grow and their canopies expand, they edge closer toward a roof or power lines. If these branches break during a storm, they cause significant damage. Typically, it is safer to remove these branches proactively through emergency tree care. 

A Leaning Tree

A tree that is starting to lean will overbalance if the canopy becomes heavy or the roots fail. The sooner you let the experts assess the tree and aid its recovery, the less likely it is that you will have to call for tree removal.

Sprouts Growing from the Trunk

Growth from the trunk is a sign of severe stress. Identify the stressor as soon as possible so that you can take corrective action to save the tree.

Large Dead Branches

Branches die from time to time. However, you may need to remove the tree if you notice larger branches with dying leaves or bark dropping off. It could be a disease or a dangerous structural issue. 

Root Damage or Decay

A tree’s roots are the best indicators of its general health. Is there root rot or significant damage? Your tree needs professional assistance as soon as possible. 

Trunk Damage

Has the bark on the trunk fallen off or cracked? Do you see holes in it? The tree might be unsound. 

The best strategy is to call an arborist to examine the trunk to determine whether you can repair the damage. If not, they will advise you on the next steps to take.

Hollow Tree or Extensive Damage

A hollow tree or one with vast areas of damage won’t recover. It will die, risking people, structures, or vehicles if it falls. Proactive tree removals could solve the issue before the wood dries out and the trees collapse.

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