Six Types of Tree Damage and How to Spot Them

Various types of tree damage could severely hinder your tree’s survival. Fortunately, addressing this damage early can go a long way in saving your trees.

The first step to addressing tree damage is learning how to spot it early.

Property owners can look for several signs when inspecting their trees for potential damage. If identified early on, you can implement various measures to save the tree. However, the better option is sometimes opting for Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal service.

Read on to learn six types of tree damage and how to spot them.

1. Leaf Rust

Signs of leaf rust include gold, orange, or reddish spots on the leaves or leaves with powdery fungal clusters.

While leaf rust rarely kills a healthy tree, it can weaken it by interfering with its photosynthesis. The disease could sometimes twist and distort the leaves, causing them to dry and drop.

2. Fire Blight

Brought on by bacteria usually active in warm and moist weather, fire blight is a type of tree damage that makes your tree look like portions of its branches have been scorched.

Sometimes, the leaves of some of the twigs wilt and turn black or brown, causing infected tree branches to hang.

3. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a disease that forms white coatings on leaf surfaces. In late fall, small black dots could form on top of the white patches.

Without prompt treatment, the infected leaves tend to distort, turning yellow or red before falling.

4. Witches’ Broom

Often characterized by clusters of intense growth, witches’ broom usually infects shoots, causing lateral buds to grow in patterns that resemble a broom.

Your tree is more vulnerable to this disease at specific times. For instance, witches’ broom could develop after pruning.

5. Leaf Spot

A fungus that causes red spots and holes in foliage, leaf spot is a disease that spreads rapidly, especially during cool, wet spring weather.

It causes leaves to develop spots, turn brown or yellow, and, eventually, drop off the tree.

6. Canker

Canker is a disease characterized by localized dead areas on your tree’s trunk or branch. On smooth-barked or young trees, the canker’s surface is usually discolored and has enlarged tissue surrounding it.

Though cankers can’t kill established trees, they leave them with severe growth deformities, broken limbs, and structural damage.

Certified Tree Removal Experts in Alpharetta, Georgia

Trees infected with these diseases often threaten the well-being of surrounding plants and trees on your property. In some cases, removing such trees is the best option. Fortunately, our team at Georgia Tree Company offers professional and safe tree removal services.

We have the expertise and tools to efficiently remove the damaged tree without damaging your property.

Are you dealing with dead trees or severe tree damage? Contact Georgia Tree Company at 404-990-0010 and access quality removal services in Alpharetta, GA. Keep browsing our extensive tree care resources and learn all you need to know to ensure your tree’s survival, such as the benefits of fertilizing young trees.

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