How to Apply for a Tree Removal Permit in Alpharetta

Do you need a tree removal permit in Alpharetta, GA? If so, you may have many questions about the complex permitting process.

In this article, Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal service covers how to apply for a removal permit in Alpharetta and how to avoid common problems.

Regulations for Tree Removal on Private Property in Alpharetta, GA

In Alpharetta, GA, you must have a permit to remove trees from your private property. The City of Alpharetta issues the tree permit, and you must obtain it before any work can begin.

The tree permit application requires specific information about the tree removal project, including:

  • Property owner name(s)
  • The location of the work site
  • The tree removal service allocated the work
  • The size of the tree you are removing (height and diameter)
  • The type of tree you are removing (i.e., hardwood or softwood)
  • Any special circumstances related to how you will remove your private trees (such as the reason for the removal, whether the tree and tree canopy need cutting into smaller pieces after removal)
  • Date of proposed removal
  • Photograph of the tree to show that it warrants removal (e.g., is it dead, diseased, or leaning dangerously?)

Tree Removal Permits for Commercial or Multi-Family Dwellings

The City of Alpharetta requires a tree removal permit if you remove any trees in multi-family housing units or commercial properties. This city ordinance applies to all commercial property owners in Alpharetta.

You require these permits for the following:

  • Land improvement or landscaping projects
  • Emergency tree removal incidents, e.g., storm-damaged or leaning trees

Contact the City’s Arborist at 678-297-6229 or by email at for more information on getting a commercial property tree removal permit. You will be subject to fines and other penalties if you do not obtain a permit.

Tree Removal Permits for Emergency Situations on Public and Private Land

If a tree emergency occurs on public land, you can phone or email the City Arborist. If the emergency happened outside of normal business hours on private property, take photos of the tree and the damages to show to the City before removing it.

In addition, hand in a completed tree removal permit application with the photos and other supporting documents by the next business day, then wait for the City’s response.

The Process of Applying for a Tree Permit in Alpharetta, GA

To apply for a tree removal permit in Alpharetta, GA:

1. Go to the Alpharetta Planning Department portal and create an account from which you’ll submit an application form for a tree removal permit.

2. Complete the application form and provide all necessary information and any fees.

4. Wait for your permit approval by the Planning Department within 10 business days after submission.

Contact Your Local Arborist in Alpharetta, GA, for Assistance

Georgia Tree Company is a local arborist in Alpharetta who helps clients with their tree removal permit needs. Whether you need assistance with a permit to learn about hazardous tree removal, get in touch today by calling 404-990-0010.

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