Trimming Trees in Fall: Is It a Good Idea?

In the fall, when all the leaves have fallen off the trees, it seems a perfect time to cut back any excess branches, but that’s not necessarily true. Trimming during fall can cause several problems for your tree. 

With so many different types of trees, it’s not always bad to trim in the fall, but trimming pine trees and trimming fruit trees will have very different consequences. Typically, the best time to prune your tree is in late winter and early spring. 

Our experts at Georgia Tree Company know trees, and we’re here to tell you why trimming trees in the fall usually isn’t the best idea. If you have questions about your trees, ask Alpharetta’s tree-trimming professionals today.

What to Know About Trimming Trees In Fall

Pruning is a normal part of proper tree maintenance and helps keep your trees looking clean and full. However, any time we cut away a branch collar or even a few twigs, it hurts the tree in the short term. That’s why there are good times and bad times to trim a tree. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start trimming your trees.

Trimming in the Fall – Not the Best Idea

As a rule of thumb, fall is the worst time to start pruning your tree because of how trees react to fall and the oncoming winter season. The tree will quickly begin regrowing when you prune a dead branch during other seasons, but that’s not true when trimming trees in the fall.

As winter approaches, a tree goes dormant to fend off the freezing winter temperatures, meaning the tree won’t have its usual protection against infection and bugs. The pruned area of the tree will also be more prone to freezing during winter since it will still be trying to repair itself. 

Make Clean Cuts on Your Tree

Whenever you’re pruning your tree, it’s critical that you make the cuts as smoothly as possible. Smooth, clean cuts will give your tree the best odds against developing an infection. 

Only use clean, sharp tools when pruning dead branches, and don’t cut any more than is required.

When Should I Trim My Tree?

Some times are better than others for tree trimming. Winter pruning is an effective way of cleaning up a tree’s dead branches. As the tree is dormant, it won’t have the issues of trying to regrow branches during freezing temperatures.

Work with the Tree Trimming Experts for the Best Results

Pruning is beneficial for a tree. Whether it’s winter, late spring, or summer, proper trimming will be good for a tree’s long-term health, but trimming trees in the fall is not advised. If you want what’s best for your tree, a google-guaranteed contractor like Georgia Tree Company will be a safe bet. Our employees are experts in their field and know how to treat trees right.

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