Tree planting In Your Garden Can give you Instant shade

Tree planting In Your Garden Can give you Instant shade

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Trees can give a mature look to any landscaping and if they are large enough, you will have instant areas in your garden that are pleasant and shaded. If the tree is large, it can have an immediate impact on your landscaping work. Any tree that you choose to plant in your garden, must be in proportion to your home and its surroundings when they are fully grown.

Benefits of having a tree

Trees can go a long way to provide privacy and also help to reduce noise, besides the shade that they provide. A single tree can act as a focal point for a landscape, especially if it is evergreen or ornamental. You can also arrange tree installation of large evergreens and ornamental trees as long as you take the necessary precautions during the transplantation process. Truck mounted equipment called a tree spade has hydraulically operated spades that encircle a tree and dig all around it till the roots are all exposed.

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This spade arrangement encloses the root ball, that can often be quite large and weigh a great deal. It is customary cutting tree branches of the tree that is to be transplanted. This reduces the weight and also allows the tree to establish itself properly in the new place before it has to concentrate on growth. The denser the root system, the easier it is for the tree to establish itself in its new home.

Tree Planting Procedure

Most tree planting services procedure is attempted during seasons when the tree is dormant, though experienced gardeners and nurseries will not allow this to affect their business. Trees that are to be transplanted will need to be soaked for several days prior to the shifting, and any foliage left over must receive spray that prevents loss of moisture. As a result, moisture is retained within the tree and loss of water through leaves is prevented. Transplanted trees can be as high as thirty feet, though girth diameter has to be such that it can be enclosed by the tree spade equipment. Normally, this is restricted to a meter or less in diameter. The weight of the tree root ball can also be a deciding factor.

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When your garden has to receive the tree that needs to be installed, you must position it in an area where you can dig a hole that can comfortably take the root ball to its full depth. Make sure that parts of the trunk are never below ground after the installation is completed. Make the hole three times the width of the root ball, so that you have enough space to maneuver the tree. Nurseries have devices that are called root wells and facilitate water to reach the roots, and these can be a great help when you are installing a tree. This device allows water to reach the roots and also allows gas exchange that roots require.

Trees must not be lifted from the trunk during installation and tree spades ensure this by doing all the lifting and release at the roots. Spread the roots carefully and fill in the hole a few inches at a time and compact each layer. If necessary you can stake the tree to allow it to be firmly supported, while it establishes its roots.

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