The Beginner's Guide Dealing With A fallen tree removal in Milton

The Beginner’s Guide Dealing With A fallen tree removal in Milton

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While the majority of people would not consider how to manage the issue of a tree falling on their property’s roof, this is an issue that may occur. Accidents are unpredictable and a tree falling on a roof is an accident that is a possibility if you live in the suburbs. The concept seems outrageous and the chances of a tree falling on a roof seem slim; however, they are not as slim as you may think. Anything from heavy storms to pest infestations or automobile accidents can cause a tree to fall over and hit a roof. This article will provide information on how to deal with the possibility of a tree falling on your roof and easy way to find emergency tree removal service.

Step #1: Check If People And Animals Are Safe

The first step to complete when a tree falls on your roof is to immediately check if any person or animal in the property was injured. It is important that you keep everyone clear of the tree as it may not be supported could shift to fall further into the house, prompting potential injury to others. If a person or animal was injured, it is essential that ambulance or veterinarian and emergency tree service is contacted immediately regardless of whether it is a major or minor injury. Once you have accounted for everyone, you can move forward with the next steps.

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Step #2: Move Everyone To A Safe Area

Once all injuries have been addresses, it is advised that you clear all people from the hazard area or the area where the tree fell on the roof. It is vital that all individuals and animals are kept at a safe distance from the tree and with everyone secured; it is possible to check the power lines. Of course, it is recommended that you keep a safe distance from any damaged electrical equipment to avoid further injury.

Step #3: Check Damage To The Power Lines

As is mentioned above, it is important to check damage to the power lines and electrical boxes after moving everyone to a safe area. This is essential because you will need to contact your electrical company notifying them of the damage, if there was damage to the power lines. Electricity is important to everyday routines and any damage can negatively affect the family’s functioning.

Step #4: Contacting The Insurance Company

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After contacting the electrical company regarding damage to the power lines, it is time to contact your insurance company to begin the claim process on your home owners’ tree removal insurance policy. The company will send out an assessor to assess the damage to the property and will begin with the claim procedure. While waiting for the individual, it is recommended that you document the damage independently taking pictures of the fallen tree and the damage it caused, both inside and outside the property.

Step #5: Contacting The Tree Removal Company

After contacting the insurance company, it is necessary to contact a tree removal company to remove the tree from the roof. Never attempt to complete this task independently as tree removal of this sort requires specific equipment and skills.

Step #6: Contacting A Roof Repair Company

The final step when dealing with a tree falling on your roof is to contact a roof repair company. It is recommended that you choose a company to work alongside your insurance company making the claim simpler and more cost-effective.

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