Symptoms of a Dying Tree

Nobody will love the sight of a decaying tree. When that happens, a message is being sent home to the property owner that the tree wants to say a final goodbye. No matter how long, a time will come when that beautiful tree in your compound that you so much loved and cherished will want to finally give way.

No matter the magnitude of tender care that you give to your tree, a time will come when the symptoms will begin to tell you that it has outlived its usefulness. The following are the signs that will show you that the tree is dying:

When The Leaves Begin To Fall

Observe the trends on the leaves of the tree. When they begin to fall indiscriminately even when it is winter period; then something is amiss. This is one clear sign that the tree is dying a gradual and steady death.

The Falling Branches

When you consult the tree company in Gainesville on the issue of the falling branches of the tree in your premises; they will tell you pointedly that it is a sign that your tree is dying. What to do at that stage is to take immediate actions before an accident occurs. You can manage a falling leaf; you may not be that lucky with a falling trunk.

The Trunk

The message can as well be gotten through the trunk of the tree. When you observe rot out spaces at the trunk of the tree; it is an indicator of sickness affecting the tree. A tree removal Roswell will advise at that stage that such tree is removed to avoid an accident that may occur unannounced.

The Bark Of The Tree

A healthy tree possesses a bark that it is soft and succulent. When you try to pierce slightly through the bark of the tree, you will observe an even coverage over the surface of the tree. But when you begin to see a brittle bark; then all is not well. The symptom of sickness in some of the trees might be a bald spot on the tree. Those are the signs to show that the tree is indeed sick.

The Root Of The Trees

When the positioning of the tree is in a waterlogged area; the roots will be inside the water 24/7. The presence of the roots in a waterlogged environment will lead to the disease on the tree before long. When the root is subjected to water for all weather, then sickness will set in.

The root can be injured by exposure. When the roots are exposed to the part of heavy vehicles; the impact of such vehicles on them will lead to damage. The use of movers is another issue of great concern. When the mower destroys the roots of the tree; issues will begin to arise from that end and it will affect the health of the tree.


The above are some of the signs that show that a tree is sick.

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