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Stump Removal Guru in Alpharetta

Stump Removal Guru in Alpharetta


Pull out the remaining part of the tree because it may grow back over time. The raw and popular way of removing it is by hooking it to a truck and rev up to pull the stump out. The downside of doing it is the risk of damaging the vehicle. The tires may lose its outer layer, and the bumper can be torn off from the truck. Not only that, but it can cause also damage to surrounding properties and worst fatal injuries.Tree service Alpharetta GA firms have a variety of lofty ideas to remove your stump from the ground. A professional way to get rid of the stump is by putting the chemical in it. The compound primarily contains powdered potassium nitrate. It causes the wood to rot faster. They drill holes in the stump and fill it with the mixture and wait till it fully decomposes.

Fast Stump Elimination

stump grinding

stump grinding

Another process used by arborist Alpharetta is by grinding the remaining part of the trunk.  Well, of course always keep in mind safety first. Wear proper safety gears to avoid anyone from getting hurt. Put on long-sleeved shirts, long pants, steel toe boots and eye protection. Break the stump into small pieces using the tooth circular cutting blade. Cut the bulk of the stump close to the ground as possible using a chainsaw. It is ideal for removing multiple tree stumps.If the stump is too big, it can be dug out first. Then cut the biggest roots with an ax or a circular saw. The stump grinding method is perfect for shallow root systems like maples and willows.

Alternative Ways


Other tree owners prefer to keep the stump. They make artistic designs out of it like face sculpture or maybe a chair in the middle of the landscape. Another typical process applied by local tree removal experts especially in Alpharetta is removing it by fire. Put holes in it first by drilling it with a large diameter drill bit. Then fill the holes with kerosene or fuel oil. Do not use gasoline because it is not appropriate for burning stumps. Let the fluids soak thoroughly in the wood. It may take 1 to 2 weeks. Then burn it and allow it to smoke for a couple of days. Burning stumps is excellent for small tree trunks.



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