Signs It Might Be Time to Remove Your Tree

Everything that has life has a lifespan. So is the tree in your compound. People go through a lot of stress today taking care of their tree while a simple removal would have saved them a lot of trouble.

When you contact any of the tree removal Gainesville; they will educate on what to do. However, we are going to share on these pages some of the signs that will tell you it is time to get rid of the tree that you once loved and cared for. These are some of the tell-tale signs:

The Soil At The Base Of Trunk

If you are a careful observer, there are no signs at the base of the tree in the beginning. But as the months roll by into years, you will observe a very glaring change in the texture of soil at the base of the tree. When you begin to notice a heaving soil at the perimeter of the trunk of the tree; it is time to cut down the tree.

Growth At The Base Of The Trunk

Observe the trunk of the tree in the very good beginning, the base is clear and no issues will be observed at the base. But when it comes to a point in time and you begin to see fungi growing at the base of the trunk caused by decay; it is time to take action to remove the tree.

Observe The Trunk Further

When you begin to observe cracks in the trunk of the tree; it is sending a message to you. When the bark of the trunk begins to peel; then consult tree removal Milton for necessary actions on the removal of the tree that shoes such traces.

Where There Are Cavities

When you observe the appearance of large scaffold branches in the trunk of the tree in your compound; it points in one direction; there is a break internally within the trunk of the tree. A trunk that shows such signs may give way without notice. The best bet is to cut it down before any havoc is done to your building or to the family.

The Branches In The Upper Crown

When you see branches hanging loosely on the trunk; when they have lost their firm grip and hold on the trunk, it is time to take actions by cutting down such branches before it falls on your roof or window. The casualty may be one of your family members if preventive measures are not taken immediately.

Check The Presence Of Buds

Take a closer look at the twigs on the trunk of the tree. Be on the lookout for living buds. In the absence of living buds; you have to take necessary actions to cut the tree before the inevitable happens.


There have been incidences of preventable accidents of trees falling and causing havoc in the past. It can be prevented if actions are taken when you observe any of the red signals above.

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