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What to Expect from Monster Tree Services

Trees on your property need to be properly maintained so they don’t cause a serious threat during a storm. One of the best ways to have this task handled safely and efficiently is with a reputable tree service.

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Proper tree services, as you will find at Monster Tree Services, can save you from injury and damage but only if you work with a reputable company. Choosing a good tree service requires looking at some important factors we will describe in this informative article.


No. 1 — Insurance

Be sure the tree service you are looking for has a good insurance policy in place. Tree service are a difficult and dangerous task, a company without a proper liability protection can be serious trouble. Worker’s compensation is another coverage you will want to see before work commences.

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No. 2 — Referral and Recommendations

The best place to begin your search for a good tree service is by asking those you know if they have any good experiences with the professionals in your area. Always ask a new tree service for a few numbers of their satisfied customers. You will want to know what previous customers have said about their service before inviting them onto your property.

Online review boards can have many good recommendations in this regard. Remember that amateurs can cause serious damage in this delicate business, so be sure you research the service you are considering.

No. 3 — Get an Estimate

Always ask your tree service for an estimate before they begin their work. If the tree company seems even slightly reluctant to discuss an estimate, something’s not right and maybe you should go with the next option. This could be a sign they are looking to make easy money and charge you for a slew of extras you didn’t even know you needed.

No. 4 — Ask About Charge Rates


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The company you hire will have their own way of making the bill. Be sure you have asked about this before hand so you can budget accordingly. For example some companies will charge one flat rate, while others charge additional fees for stump grinding.


No. 5 — Compare Services

Before even calling up the tree service be sure you know exactly what you will need, this way you can be sure they have what you need. Try to communicate everything you need over the phone so you can be sure they have the skills and tools for the job.

No. 6 — Tools for the Task

As you may imagine, some companies are better equipped than others and have the tools to do a good job. Be sure you describe the details of your project so you can be sure every aspect is addressed professionally.

Final Notes — Not all tree services offer the same work and have the same tools for the job. Be sure you inquire about this before you make your choice. A reputable tree service company, like you will find at Monster Tree Services will have all the tools and highly qualified team of professionals to do the job right.

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