How Do I Find Top Rated Tree Removal in Alpharetta?

Do you live in Alpharetta and are worried about the state of some of your trees? It’s been a long winter, and by now many trees are sadly in need of some attention. If they look scraggly or are growing too tall, it may be time to hire an Alpharetta tree service to give them a good trim. There may also be limbs threatening to break off, or trees that are just plain dead. Since spring is here, now is the best time to call in a top rated tree removal service in Alpharetta, such as Georgia Tree Company. Do you need some advice on how to hire the best tree company? Please read on.

The main problem with finding the best tree service is that you want to avoid the bad ones. You don’t want to simply hire someone who approaches you with chainsaw and tree trimming equipment, right off the street.

Tree removal services and tree trimming services require a certain level of expertise in the industry. You don’t want to hire some guy who isn’t affiliated with any sort of business. First of all, you don’t want them doing an unsightly job, or risking that older trees you’ve admired for years could be killed if they’re trimmed the wrong way.

There is also an element of risk for the worker. A tree limb can fall off and injure a worker. They could cut themselves with tree trimming equipment. They can fall off the ladder. They can trip over your landscaping materials. You could risk being sued—hopefully your homeowner’s insurance is current?

Before hiring an arborist to tackle your difficult yard, you should be asking them if they have adequate insurance for their business. This type of business requires a high level of responsibility. They should have liability insurance. You can ask to see certificates of liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Also check to see that they’re current. You may even need to phone the insurance company to confirm it’s valid.

There are also other concerns when hiring Alpharetta tree service. One of them is having someone show up at your door demanding payment without having even started. You should also be concerned if they won’t provide you with an estimate. The best way to protect yourself is by asking for a written contract in advance. This covers all the costs of your tree trimming project, and the steps required to get there.

Your favorite tree trimming company should be providing advice to you, but ultimately, the decision will be yours. For instance, perhaps you’re concerned about a tree, and you want its appearance and preservation taken into mind. In these instances, your arborist can climb the tree using ropes or an aerial lift, rather than climbing spikes. You should know that spikes can cause damage to the cambium (plant tissue) of the tree.

If you’re ready to get started with improving the looks of your yard, please call Georgia Tree Company today.

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