A Property Owner’s Account Of Tree Maintenance

Owning a property sets one on the path of comfort, peace of mind, and wealth though it comes with some responsibilities some of which cost money.
One of such responsibilities pertains to the maintenance of the trees in your property. These trees add beauty to your home and are beneficial to the environment and so, need proper maintenance. As a property owner, not maintaining your trees will mean that you have failed in your legal obligations or “duty of care” to your neighbors or to those who visit your property. This mistake can attract certain costs and charges depending on the municipal area concerned.
Considering Georgia for instance, different municipalities emphasize this. Tree service Alpharetta for example specially specifies that as a property owner, you must ensure that your trees are always in good health. You must inspect them from time to time to ensure that they conform with relevant environmental laws and regulations. This is the same for tree service Decatur, where trees in both public and private properties attract a legal duty of care.
A wide range of professional arborists are available in these areas to help you and most of them are just a phone call away.

What Should Property Owners Do?
As a property owner, you should ensure that you don’t fall foul of the law by breaching your duty of care. To protect yourself, you should do the following:

Avoid liabilities for injuries and damages. You can do this when you undertake routine maintenance of the trees in your property to ensure that they fall within acceptable limits of environmental risk as set by your municipality. You will be liable for a lawsuit if your tree causes bodily harm or damage to property especially if it can be proved that you didn’t heed to the signs and needs for maintenance.

Maintain your trees so as to get insurance cover. Regular maintenance of your trees after proper risk assessments, will save you even if your tree destroys a neighbors property. In that case, your neighbor’s insurance policy will provide adequate cover, unlike when the insurance company detects that you never maintained your tree.
For natural disasters and “Acts of God”, proving that your trees were properly assessed and maintained will save you from liabilities in the event of a disaster.

Tips For Maintaining Your Trees
As said before, you should avail yourself of the services of professional arborists who can help you maintain you trees through the following ways:

They perform professional assessments to detect potential problems.

They perform such activities as providing wind breaks in times of bad weather.

They provide such services as fertilizing, trimming, pruning, mulching, etc.

They diagnose for various diseases and pest invasion which could cause harm to your trees.

They inform you of the various laws and regulations pertaining to tree service in your municipality. They can also help you in times of disaster by liaising with insurance companies to protect you from assuming unnecessary liabilities.

On the whole, as a property owner, maintaining your trees will prove that you are a patriotic citizen who cares for the lives and properties of both neighbors and visitors, and one who protects the environment.

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