When To Remove Tree Stakes: A Brief Guide for Your Milton, GA, Home

Few things are more rewarding when gardening than planting a sapling and watching it grow into an elegant structure that accents your residence. However, getting the small tree off to a good start takes more than just putting it in the ground and watering it; it may take tree stakes. However, knowing when to remove tree stakes can be challenging. 

Rather than risk taking your plant’s “crutches” away too soon and leaving it to fend for itself against a harsh environment, keep reading below. As a leading tree service in Milton, GA, we have plenty of experience with trees in all stages of life. So, we’ll explain why you need to stake trees, the tree stake removal timing, and the process that goes along with it. 

when to remove tree stakes

Why Do Your New Plants Need Extra Support?

Young plants have underdeveloped roots that are too short and thin to have a firm or deep grasp of the soil. In addition, dense foliage can further threaten your plant, making it top heavy, while ruthless surroundings like lashing winds and soil erosion can knock the structure to the ground. 

Tree stakes offer the sapling additional strength and sturdiness, but since your plant won’t need it forever, knowing when to take out tree stakes is crucial. 

The Tree Support Removal Schedule 

The staking removal guidelines entail leaving the support system for one growing season so the roots can develop (usually one full year, especially if you planted in the fall). That way, the tree takes advantage of the next spring before you remove the stakes the following autumn. But, if you planted it in the spring, the roots will grow nicely before the dormant season, so you can remove the stakes that same fall. 

You also don’t want to leave stakes in too long since the sturdiness suffocates the trunk, keeping it from swaying and building up its own natural strength. 

The Process of Removing the Tree Supports 

You’ll know when to remove tree stakes if the tree seems sturdy enough, so test it by gently removing the string or twine from the tree that ties it to the stakes. (Leave the strings on the stakes and the stakes in the ground just in case you need them again.) Then, shake the tree to see if it wobbles before deciding the best time to remove the tree stakes. 

It’s also time if you notice a one-inch trunk diameter and six-foot tree height. From there, take a mallet to the sides of each stake to loosen them from the ground. After removing tree supports, use excess soil to backfill the holes.

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