Do Dead Trees Grow Leaves?

Do dead trees grow leaves? If the tree’s completely dead, no, but it might if there’s still some life in it. In this post, Georgia Tree Company, Milton’s expert tree service, explains more about this topic. 

do dead trees grow leaves

Does a Dead Tree Grow Leaves? 

No, and this is the most obvious sign that the tree is dead. So, if the canopy should be full of leaves but isn’t, the plant’s in trouble. In terms of tree care, this means that nutrients aren’t reaching the upper reaches of the plant, and this is normally a death knell. 

However, knowing if it’s a dead or dying tree is more challenging because it might sprout leaves in a last-ditch attempt to save itself. 

What’s also confusing is that leaf drop is one of the ways plants show signs of distress. So, a lack of foliage on its own doesn’t mean your tree is dying. Let’s look at some other indicators to make the distinction clearer. 

Should You Remove the Plant? 

That answers the question, “Do dead trees grow leaves?” so let’s consider whether you need to remove the plant. 

You can check for tree death by scratching a limb or the trunk. A dead branch will be dry inside without a hint of green. It’ll also be brittle and snap easily. If there’s still life, the limb will be more flexible and will have a green tinge inside. 

If you find a dead branch, check several more. If the problem affects more than 50% of the tree, it’s not going to recover, so removal is your best option. Also, if you see mushrooms growing on the trunk, branches, or roots, the tree’s rotting from the inside. 

If you want a firm diagnosis, call in a professional tree service to see what to do next. 

When To Remove the Tree

An arborist will always try to save the tree if possible. So, if they say it’s a hazard, it’s best to follow their advice. The only time you should consider leaving the tree is when it’s in a forest or remote area where it won’t cause any damage if it falls. This rules out most homes and businesses. 

Consider removing the tree to: 

  • Prevent branches from falling onto people in your yard
  • Take proactive measures to stop it from toppling over unexpectedly
  • Protect your property and that of others — for example, if a tree branch falls onto your neighbor’s car, you’re liable for the repairs
  • Prevent nearby trees from falling prey to the condition that killed the first
  • Make space for a strong and healthy sapling

Keep in mind that a dead tree might fall over in a storm tomorrow or stand for decades. There’s no way to tell how long it’ll remain stable. 

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