How to Stop a Tree From Growing Taller

how to stop a tree from growing taller

Want to know how to stop a tree from growing taller? The short answer is that you can use proper pruning techniques and plant growth regulators. In this post, Georgia Tree Company, your expert tree service in Milton, explains more about how to manage your tree size without harming tree health. 

Is My Tree Getting Too Big? 

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need some corrective pruning: 

  • Branches reaching for power lines or nearby trees
  • Limbs overhanging buildings, driveways, and other structures
  • Roots disrupting a fence, foundation, or sidewalk 
  • The shade from your tree inhibits plant growth 
  • The leaves lose their gloss and seem wilted 
  • You worry that if the tree falls, it will damage someone else’s property 

How to Slow Down Growth

Now let’s look at how to stop a tree from growing taller. There are three approaches to keeping growth under control. 

Plant Strategically

This one takes some forethought, but it’s your best option if you know how trees grow. Start by choosing a tree species that fits the space well. If you’ve got a small area to work with, consider installing ornamental varieties. 

Next, plan where to place your tree carefully. Plant your trees at least 15 feet from any structures for the best results. 

Corrective Pruning

Corrective pruning is best done incrementally over a few years before you start seeing a problem. Here are a few techniques that can help: 

  • Crown reduction thins the top of the canopy but is tricky to get right. If you lop off the whole top, you can kill the tree, so it’s best to leave this to professionals. 
  • Developmental pruning starts when the tree is still young. It shapes the branches so that they’re nicely spaced and strong. Doing this in the early stages means that the pruning scars are smaller. 
  • Pruning the roots, like with bonsai trees, will inhibit growth. However, this is a specialist technique that can be dangerous for an amateur. If you remove too many roots, the tree can die. 

All of these techniques are highly effective when you use them correctly. If you’re unsure of how to get this right, seek professional advice. 

Plant Growth Regulators

These chemicals inhibit growth using hormones and can be useful where your established tree is getting too big. We inject hormones into the base of the trunk, slowing the growth rate down and causing the tree to send out fewer new shoots. 

This is particularly useful when a tree grows so fast that it’s sapping the ground of resources. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so call our team for a professional application. 

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Now that you know how to stop a tree from growing taller, how else can we help? Maybe you want to learn about keeping trees from falling over or just need advice on supporting your trees.

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