How to Know if Tree Roots Are Damaging the Foundation 

how to know if tree roots are damaging the foundation

Foundation damage may result from a wide range of issues. Trees qualify among the most common culprits. Is your most cherished tree destroying your foundation?  

How can you tell if your foundation issues stem from tree root damage? As Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal service, we discuss how to know if tree roots are damaging the foundation. 

Warning Signs of Tree Root Foundation Damage 

You might notice cracked pathways, an increase in drain and toilet clogs, or uneven windows around your home. Tree roots may be to blame. Symptoms tree roots may be causing gradual foundation damage include: 

Foundation Damage Near a Tree 

Some trees have a reputation for ruining everything from foundations to patios and pavements. You want to identify every tree on your property and establish how they affect surrounding structures and landscape features. 

Foundation damage near trees may include cracks running across your foundation floor and walls or the house leaning towards a tree because of a soil shift or collapse following a reduction of surrounding soil moisture levels. 

Plumbing Damage 

In their search for water and nutrients, roots can find their way into pipes via loose joints or hairline cracks. While all this may happen underground, you’ll certainly feel the effects. If this happens with the pipes under your home, it will affect your foundation. 

Here’s how to know if tree roots are damaging the foundation and plumbing system: you may experience signs of a faulty drain or sewer system, such as stubborn or recurring clogs, slow draining, or reduced water pressure.  

Cracks or Lifting Concrete 

Tree roots may explore far and wide, often finding their way through existing cracks as they search for nutrients and moisture.  

When a concrete patio, driveway, paver, or sidewalk cracks, for example, the roots will grow between the cracks, gradually forcing pieces of the sidewalk to crack, stick up, and or buckle. 

Preventing Foundation Damage From Tree Roots 

The following tips may help you prevent tree roots from damaging your home’s foundation: 

  • Install foundation barriers that can deflect roots 
  • Pick the right trees to plant near your home 
  • Plant trees at a safe distance from the foundation 
  • Ensure your trees get sufficient moisture 

How to Repair Root Damage 

Fortunately, you have several ways to repair your home’s foundation following tree root damage. Repair options include: 

  • Trim or remove the troublesome tree and root system 
  • Hire an expert to fix your foundation 
  • Fix leaky plumbing 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts 

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