How to Save a Tree with Stripped Bark

Have you damaged your tree’s bark accidentally and wonder if it will survive? When your tree suffers damage, quick action is critical to improve its chance of survival.

In this article, we take a deep look into how to save a tree with stripped bark, as advised by one of Alpharetta’s emergency tree removal experts. 

Basics First: What’s Stripped Tree Bark?

When your tree has its bark pulled off from the trunk, we call it stripped bark. It could be a small strip missing from the tree or an extensive part of the tree with virtually no bark left. Several factors can lead to this situation, including:

  • Storms: Lighting can strike your tree, knocking the bark off. 
  • Animals: Take squirrels, for example; they love eating the phloem layer of tissue under the bark because it’s sweeter. So they’ll strip the outer layer off of the bark to reach their favorite part.   
  • Vehicles: A vehicle hitting a tree head-on or scraping against it will likely leave you with damaged bark. 

Saving a Tree with Stripped Bark: Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you understand what a stripped tree bark is, let’s learn how to save a tree with stripped bark. When you have a damaged tree bark, following the steps below can help extend your tree’s life.  

1.  Evaluate the Extent of the Damage

Saving a tree with a stripped bark would be pointless if it poses a danger to life and property. The tree may also have other health issues, and its chance of survival is close to nil. 

If the tree looks healthy and safe, you can take action right away or monitor it for a few more months. 

2.  Decide on the Tree’s Viability

After carefully assessing the damage, you can tell whether the tree would survive what caused the stripped bark or not. Do you think that, with proper care, your tree can regain its health and thrive once again? 

Minor stripped bark shouldn’t worry you so much. However, a larger stripped bark will need an intensive remedy. 

3.  Clean up the Damaged Bark

If the tree has just a little amount of stripped bark, you can easily clean up the damaged section. Get rid of any harsh edges while being careful not to cut into the live parts of the tree. This helps protect the rough edges from accidental fracturing or breaking by animals or strong winds. 

4.  Create a Bridge Graft on the Tree

Bridge grafting or repair grafting is the way to go if the bark damage covers a significant area on the trunk. This technique creates a bridge over the affected area. It’s best to hire an expert for this technique to avoid causing more damage to your tree. 

Lastly, you’ll need to fertilize your tree. Be sure to choose the best fertilizer for your tree’s needs. 

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