When is the Best Season to Trim Trees in Georgia

best season to trim trees

No matter the town, Georgia residents experience the magic of diverse seasons. This beautiful state also offers some of the lushest natural environs, with a wide range of native plant species – especially trees. 

If you own property in Georgia, you may have concerns about how to care for your trees properly. Fortunately, our team at Georgia Tree Company can help. As an Alpharetta tree trimming service, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle tree care and maintenance, including tree trimming, protection, removal, and more. 

In this blog, we talk about the best season to trim trees in, why trimming is beneficial, and more.

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What is trimming?

Tree trimming most often refers to removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches from a tree using shears, cutters, or power tools.  

In other cases, tree trimmers perform what’s known as thinning, a process designed to reduce the risk of broken branches or falling limbs. 

Finally, a trained arborist also performs trimming to encourage growth, refocus energy, and promote flower production. 

While trimming provides numerous benefits for trees and property owners,  the practice takes some skill and knowledge to perform correctly. Take a look below to learn about the best season to trim trees in Georgia. 

When to Trim and Prune Trees in Georgia

In truth, the best time of the year to Prune your trees depends on three things:

  • Your goal with pruning
  • The type of tree in question
  • When the tree flowers or blooms

However, a general rule of thumb dictates that winter is the best time to prune. 

The deep cold temperatures of late fall and winter help reduce the chances of bacteria or disease infecting the cuts left behind by the trimming process. 

Additionally, during the winter most of a deciduous tree’s green foliage has died back, allowing easier access to inner branches. 

Trimming in winter also allows trees a proper amount of time to heal. When the growing season begins, trees may use energy to produce new leaves and branches instead of healing trim cuts. 

Exceptions to the Rule

While trimming during the winter months works best for most trees, some trees benefit from slightly different pruning schedules. 

For example, trees that bloom in the early spring benefit from pruning almost immediately after the blooms drop. This step helps trees put their remaining energy into branch and leaf production, as necessary. 

Also, there is no wrong time to trim and remove dead branches. Any diseased or dead branch poses a risk to the tree, you, and your property.

To learn about the trimming needs of the trees on your property, call your favored local arborist and ask about the best season to trim trees.

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